Marius Dahl

Cinematographer | DOP | Lighting Cameraman | Based in Paris  

Cinematographer, DOP, Lighting Cameraman Based in Paris. Available for working on commercials, music videos and narrative projects, both fiction and documentaries. Marius has a large network of local and trusted team-members like gaffers, grips, camera assistants, DIT’s, and colorgraders. Also available for smaller “Run-and-gun” style productions with minimal crew. Extensive experience working with directors, crews and production companies from all over the world.

Check out Bio for more info about Marius and his Portfolio for examples of his work. He is also to be found on Vimeo, Instagram and Imdb. Member of UCO, the United Cinematographer Union. Feel free to reach out through the Contact page, or shoot an e-mail directly on:  Also available by phone: +33638309003